Saturday, September 26, 2009

New V.I.P. Shopping Center and More Autumn Releases

The new V.I.P. discount shopping center is open. Filled with quality items at a discount process, this area can be accessed only by updates group members. Items include hair, shoes, and fashion L$1 to L$200.

The second costume couture is released! "Mother Earth" folds the transition between late Summer and Fall. The third costume couture will be released at the beginning of next week. "Nychta" and "Elitist" are two more of the newest Autumn releases. Nychta is available in burgundy, violet, green, amber, or grey. Elitist comes in red, green, or blue.


  1. Do you have the surl for the shopping mall?

  2. The V.I.P. Center is at the back of the main store. The slurl is on the Ora Trei blog by clicking Visit In World. Thank you for your inquiry! =D